AnimAlphabet is a musical journey through the lives of our AnimAlphabet friends. 


Each character is fun, bright and colourful and has their own unique musical style. Characters include Colin the Country Cockatoo, Geoff the Geordie Jazz Giraffe, a Hip-Hop Donkey, a swing Alligator and a Reggae Frog.  

Children will learn musical lessons in a fun and innovative way as we strive to include new-technology within our practice. In 2018 through technology we aim to make every AnimAlphabet performance accessible to deaf and hard of hearing audiences. The video below is a proof-of-concept, but a clear example of our ongoing commitment to accessibility.   

At the heart of AnimAlphabet The Musical is inclusivity and accessibility. We firmly believe that all young people have a right to access entertainment and theatrical performances. We have a deep commitment to opening up the world of theatre to those with disabilities and special educational needs. 

As a demonstration of this we are working with Stacey Stockwell Training to develop signed performances and online resources and Carly Jones MBE to develop performances suitable for audiences with sensory sensitivities.


AnimAlphabet is a musical entertainment education experience that introduces music theory and terminology to all children. AnimAlphabet is also multi-sensory using sound, colour, actions and characters to boost our young audiences ability to remember. Parents are still contacting us 7 months after seeing the show to say their children are still talking about the characters and the music in the show. 

There's also an important lesson about friendship and being able to say you’re sorry thrown in for good measure.