We want to build great relationships between children, adults and the theatre. 


The AnimAlphabet mission is to create a theatrical experience that entertains, educates and inspires young people and their communities.

Our vision is to celebrate diversity and create theatre that is completely inclusive.


We want to engage communities through the power of theatre while entertaining, educating and inspiring young people irrespective of: age, gender, disability or race.

The AnimAlphabet values are imagination, diversity, excellence, respect, and inclusion.

At the heart of AnimAlphabet The Musical is inclusivity and accessibility. We firmly believe that all young people have a right to access entertainment and theatrical performances. We have a deep commitment to opening up the world of theatre to those with disabilities and special educational needs. 

A a demonstration of this we are working with Stacey from Beans Training Ltd. to develop signed performances and online resources. The video below is a proof-of-concept, but a clear example of our ongoing commitment.

Scaley The Snake AnimAlphabet The Musical