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Perhaps this animal can be a little snappy, but don't worry, she's is a vegetarian! What a curious appetite... See you later, Alligator!

Bumper Car Bear is loud, brash and... clumsy! Move out of the way! BEEP BEEP!

Country Cockatoo is sometimes quick to open his beak without thinking. Can he bring order to Rhythm Island! Oh Lordy, what's a Cockatoo to do?

This long eared ass raps, busts moves and is super, super smooth. In the key of D, it's the Don... Donkey!

Elephant is kind, loving and caring; calm on all occasions and will give Cockatoo the strength he needs to complete his mission, especially after dancing the Elephant Waltz.

This Reggae Ribbiter is seriously chilled. No trouble and no strife... Frog's just living the pond life.

Giraffe loves having no rules. He likes jazz you see. He does whatever he likes. He's the Geordie Jazz Giraffe, and he's not having a laugh.

Calando is a very naughty duck, who doesn’t like sound very much, what he really wants is SILENCE...


(musically calando means a decrease in volume and tempo).

Scaley The Snake lives on the bottom line of the musical Stave. Scaley is wise and very old, a lot older than she looks! Scaley helps Cockatoo find his way during his most desperate hour.

Meet Metro-The-Gnome. She is so important because she keeps everyone in time. Ticking and Tocking. The AnimAlphabters learn the hard way just how important she is. A 1, 2, 3, 4!

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