AnimAlphabet - The Second Read Through

It's now late August, Mark is about to head off to Edinburgh to programme work for his venue and check in on a show he has co-directed at the Edinburgh Festival - 'Every Wild Beast'. Dean is about to go on holiday with his family, but there is just enough time to squeeze in a quick writing session. Calando - the evil Dastardly Duck is born.

September 04 2016

Once again we call on our dear friends and creatives to help us bring the text to life for the second time and everyone agrees that the missing ingredient has finally been found! Calando adds an extra layer to the story, an element of danger and is great fun.

The second read through is also used as a chance for the director to speak to the costume designers: Gill Albone, Pam Bucket and Charlotte Penn so they can start to put mood boards together following on from the first read through.

September Read Through - Image 1

September Read Through - Image 2

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