AnimAlphabet - The Final Draft

It is early November. Emails and Facebook messages have been flying back and forth between Mark, Dean, Alan and Sam. Changes, ideas and tweaks are made and added. Finally, the team agree this is it... the final draft version of the script.

The musical now includes an extra song to tie the show together at the end and it's called - 'The Sorry Song'. Some additional underscoring is added to drop behind scenes and some sung lines for the evil Calando are included.

Sam once again dusts off the keyboard at South Hill Park and in front of an audience of 30 invited guests including teachers, CEO's, artistic directors, toddler experts and most importantly young children... we begin.

The audience laugh, cheer, clap, sing, shout, gasp, jump up and down.It's a great reception from the musicals first official public sharing.

We're told that 'we have a hit'!

A nine year old girl named Lilly asks us to read through the entire 50 minute show again; after some persuading she agrees to wait until our scratch performance in February 2017.

The Final Read Through of the AnimAlphabet draft script

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