Crowdfunding Launched

Today we launched our first crowdfunding call.

Can you help Colin the Cockatoo and my AnimAlphabet friends to realise their musical dream to perform to children and families at the Edinburgh Festival?

AnimAlphabet The Musical is a brand new childrens musical with music by Al and Sam of The Hoosiers and story by Mark Hooper and Dean Penn.

We aren't a big organisation. We're just 4 blokes who are excited at the prospect of creating a new piece of theatre that can entertain and educate children up to the age of 10 and their families.

We calculate that creating a brand new musical and taking it to Edinburgh will cost in excess of £30-35,000. We plan to self finance what we can with the balance coming from fundraising and events.

AnimAlphabet is a fun, fast-paced comical journey that will leave our audience smiling with joy and, no doubt, singing the very catchy songs all the way home!

Colin the Country Cockatoo, an unlikely hero, is tasked with a mission to reunite the AnimAlphabeteers following a disagreement with Metro The Gnome. Aided by Scaley the Snake, Colin must quickly reunite Alligator, Bear, Donkey, Elephant, Frog and Giraffe so The Sorry Song can be sung and order can be restored!

It would all be so easy... if it wasn’t for that dastardly duck, Calando who attempts to thwart Cockatoo on his mission every step of the way.

AnimAlphabet is a brand new musical thats a fun, fast paced comical journey that will leave the audience smiling with joy. You'll be singing the catchy songs all day long!

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