When Bear Lost His Car

On a day that seemed like any other, Bumper Car Bear woke up as usual. He gave a big Bear stretch and had a big Bear breakfast as he did every morning; Bear also liked to start the day with a drive around Treble Cliff Island. But as Bear walked out into the jungle clearing where he had parked his car every day for the last five years he realised something strange and peculiar. He realised his car was nowhere to be seen!

"Oh, no!" cried Bear. "My car has been stolen."

He looked in the trees and he looked on the ground, he looked behind bushes, it was nowhere to be found.

"Who could have done such a thing?" The Bear stopped to ponder. "Could it be Frog?" he wondered. "Perhaps it was that Dastardly Duck Calando" he said with a grimace.

Bear looked and looked and asked all of the Animals on Treble Cliff Island.

"Have you seen my Car?"

"Ssssssssory" said Scaley The Snake in answer to his question. "I have not ssssseen your car".

Aligator, Cockatoo, Donkey, Frog and Giraffe had similar answers. No one had seen Bear's treasured Car.

"Oh no and oh dear! Who is there left for me to ask?" Bear paused for a moment and a thought came into his head. Now, while it is true Bears are not always the quickest to think, the answer to this question came as quick as a blink.

"Elephant!" he cried. "I must ask her."

He walked for a mile and then a few miles more and just as the sun was setting on the West of the Island, he found Elephant on the sandy beach dancing the Waltz as she so often liked to do. She turned around and caught sight of Bear.

"Are you ok?" she said with a trump of her trunk.

"No!" retorted Bear "I have lost my car!"

"Well that sounds like a silly thing to do. How could you loose something so big?"

"I don't know?" replied Bear in a solemn voice.

After a pause, a long silent pause, Elephant began to laugh. The sound of her trumpeting trunk echoed across the entire Island.

"What's so funny?" Asked Bear with a frown. "What could be so entertaining?"

"It was me, it was me!" she spoke through her titters.

"You?" questioned the Bear.

"Yes, your Bumper Car was old and plain and I thought you might like it if we made it look new and colourful. I had my monkey friends get creative with paint, I hope you like it...I hope you don't feint."

Elephant picked up her feet, walked over to a tree and using her long, powerful trunk she pulled back some branches and there, standing big and bold and bright was Bear's magnificent car. At first Bear didn't recognise it as his car and that is because the monkeys had turned it into something that looked like... a spaceship!

"What's this? What's this?" he shouted as he jumped back with glee. "You had the monkeys do this for me?"

"Yes!" she said. "I hope you like it."

"You're the best." said Bear "I think this is the best present I have ever received."

The sound of those words made Elephant relieved.

Bear gave Elephant a hug and kissed her on the cheek and said "Let's go for a spin and chase the setting sun, I love living on this Island... we always have fun."

And with that, they drove off into the sun set. Though it very much looked like they should be taking off into the stars!

Jake Addley and Rebecca Ayres feature on this weeks episode of E4's Car Jackers. - Episode 6 Monday 19 December 2016.


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