AnimAlphabet R&D

After a very successful R&D we are delighted to have received such fantastic feedback about the show. Take a look below!

It was brilliant and my daughter loved it. She was simultaneously afraid and in love with Calando! For some reason I wasn’t expecting the full show so it felt like a real treat and we were singing the songs all evening (we bought the book/CD). Feedback seemed really positive amongst the audience Q&A as well which was great – a big thumbs up to Hit the Mark and team.

My son loved it! He thought Calando was a brilliant character and was itching to see him come back on stage! He loved the songs and was completely engrossed. The show has resonated with him since seeing it... he keeps talking about helping people and everyone working together and how he wants to do more of both! Great job! xx

Huge thanks to all at Animalphabet for supporting The Olley Edwards academy for home educated Autistic children . After having the pleasure of watching Animalphabet in the Half term I am so excited to be able to bring 30 deserving young people and their carers in July! What a treat ! Keep up the good work - a show to not be missed 🐍🐘🐊🐦🐸👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🌈🌈🎉

Music is catchy and fun and easy to join in with. The animal characters are clearly defined and likeable, except dastardly Calando who makes a great villain. Loved the mini frog chorus in Ribbet raggae! Think it will be a big hit with young and old alike!

Fantastic show today. My nearly 2 year old was glued from start to finish and was dancing and singing away to herself. Been home 2 hours and she's still trying her hardest to explain it all to her dad! Excellent job, well done all involved

Wow! Well if that was a work in progress this show with a final polish is going to be amazing. Lovely to have a show for children that adults can really enjoy on a seperate level too. There were a few very small children at the performance I watched and the show held their attention throughout. There were lots of laughs, opportunity to join in with the fun, a great baddie, the right side of scary for smaller children, beautiful costumes and puppets and a whole bunch of great catchy songs covering many genres that I'm still finding myself singing today. And, as if you needed any more it's all wrapped up with a fun educational discovery of music - I loved it. Well done!

Brilliant concept. The moments that really worked were when there was an emotional connection whether that was funny or scary, that gave the audience a real sense that the challenges faced were real. Great stuff.

It was incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The concept really works and the idea to use a musical to bring music to children is brilliant. Loved the costumes, the script and the music. My only (small and constructive) criticism would be that sometimes the main act was not lit. For example Cockatoo stood on top of a box and his face was in the dark. Probaly a limitation of the venue, but I hope this helps.

We thought it was a great show with enormous potential. Lots of opportunities to go worldwide to introduce children to different genres of music. ( Maybe an opportunity for more shows to take this further). The cast and costume and set ideas were amazing. Lots of bright colours and fun making it memorable. Very catchy song.

Having seen a preview for "Animalphabet" this weekend, I am sure you're going to have a big hit on your hands! The music (so catchy!) and performances are top notch ... can't wait to bring my grand-daughters to the summer shows and see the full set which will no doubt another fab dimension to this already fab show!

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