AnimAlphabet R&D Reviews

The press loved our R&D and have written rave reviews. Check them out below:

Francesca Perryman - Get Reading

Terry Adlam - Maidenhead Advertiser

Considering this is a production in development and the team from ‘Hit The Mark Theatre’ only had nine days to reach this first performance, it showed a lot of potential.

Using enthusiastically animated actors, colourful puppets and costumes and some really catchy songs, courtesy of Al and Sam of The Hoosiers, this fun-filled story of Colin the Cockatoo and his Animalphabet friends saving Cleft Island from the malevolent mallard, Calando, who want to ban music, hit all the right notes with both the children and adults in the audience.

What has been achieved in such a short space of time really bodes well and as confidence of all involved grows and this smile inducing show continues to develop, I can see this becoming a family favourite when it tours this summer.

For more details about this successful children’s show in waiting and how you can get involved, go to

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