Our First Full AnimAlphabet Show

Last week saw the first full Animalphabet performances in front of an paying audience at The Rhoda McGaw Theatre in Woking. The shows were an opportunity for us to work on the technical aspects of the production, assess the audience reaction to the show, and also take some production images and video of the show.

Over 140 people came to watch and enjoy AnimAlphabet. Here's what a few of them had to say.

Jenny, Woking

We loved this show so much. I took children of 5, 7 and 10. They all really loved it , as did I, and are still singing the songs now . I highly recommend this show. It was such fun. We rushed off without buying the cd, which I really regret and if its available online I'll definitely buy a copy. Just brilliant !

Lucy, Wokingham

I took my 16 year old and 2 year old to watch this and was totally blown away by the music, the performing from the cast, the colourful set. The songs are catchy and the atmosphere was buzzing. My 2 year old sat still through the whole performance which surprised me as he normally has ants in his pants. He was captivated by the music as were I and my 16 year old. Definitely an all age show. Good Luck with the rest of the performances around the country.

Lesley, Kingston on Thames

I saw Animalphabet with my 4 year old and 18m old and we all absolutely loved it. I would throughly recommend it toddlers, who will love the music and songs, and for older children who will get so much more out of the story. My 4 year old still talks about Calando and has some very favourite songs from the CD (definitely buy the CD its fab!) and my little one loves dancing away to it. We're defintely going to see it again!

Fiona, Wokingham

This is truly an outstanding fun packed show. My 6 year old loved it. As soon as the lights went down at the end she begged to watch it again. Hilarious, lovable characters with toe tapping, foot stomping music. We're still singing the songs! Would highly recommend a family trip to see this marvellous production!

Vicky, Reading

I took my son aged 6 to see this in Woking, what a fantastic production it is. He rarely sits still for more than 5 minutes was totally captivated by it. We have the book and the CD which was on repeat the whole way home to Reading. Calandro was his favourite character and donkey's song has had a lasting effect, as the lyrics turned up in one of his own musical creations this week. As soon as we were out of the theatre, his review was "Mummy, that was amazing, when can we see it again!" My friend and her 6 year old daughter also came along and her little girl, was so transfixed by MetroGnome that she didn't want to leave the theatre. As a parent who is generally a bit reluctant to sit through things like this, I also really LOVED it. I developed a little mum crush on Cockatoo and still find myself singing the songs. It really is excellent value for money and an absolute MUST for any young family. Well done 'Hit the Mark' an absolutely superb production. We cant wait to see you again in Bracknell. Fab job AnimAlphabet team x

Carly, Reading

I watched with my daughter and her friend who were mesmerised by the colourful characters and the catchy (plus educational !) songs were still being sung in the car journey home . We had such a great time we booked 30 tickets for the July show for a local Autism group I run , I know they'll love the show and super impressed by the levels of thought gone into ensuring disability friendly ⭐️⭐️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

There are many more comments on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/HitTheMarkTheatre

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