“I am delighted to be supporting Hit the Mark’s AnimAlphabet here at South Hill Park Arts Centre. This is a wonderful way of encouraging children to have fun with music, rhythm and harmony. We meet a fantastic series of animal characters, each with their own cleverly crafted song by the writing team, Al and Sam of the Hoosiers. So much love and humour has been put into the writing of this piece which I am certain will be a huge


Ron McAllister, CEO, South Hill Park Arts Centre.

“It’s been a privilege to see this project develop. Using the catchy, funny and individually characterised songs written by Al and Sam as a starting point, the Hit The Mark team have created a wonderful piece of theatre that will not only appeal to the children it’s primarily targeted at, but also the adults that come along with them.  The animal characters are engaging and the storyline easy to follow without being too simplistic.  Anything that encourages children to enjoy and take an interest in music is well worth supporting in my books!

Helen Hall, Mother

“I had no clue what the show was going to be about until just before it started – I loved the whole concept of the music notes. I liked the way Cockatoo kept the coherence of the story flowing throughout, with reminders of the plot and what he was trying to do – I think that will be important for little ones. I loved the multi-layered script with enough jokes and references for the whole family to enjoy. I felt the show had a great warmth to it, which I think will be so important, especially when taking youngsters to those early theatre experiences.


As a teacher and, at various points, music co-ordinator in primary schools, I loved the educational aspect of it. There will be the sense of familiarity for those children with musical experience, the richness of different musical styles and, for those with little experience, an introduction to the language of music.

I think the best feedback came from the children in the room! To see the girl at the front who ‘got’ the whole concept, followed the plot enough to join in and was transfixed by the whole thing was absolutely fantastic – especially with no set, costumes, props etc and people switching between characters. And the little girl at the back who, presumably, had been doing the Animalphabet classes and joined in with all the actions was just brilliant. Theatre for tiny ones can be a bit overwhelming with the darkness, the noise, the costumes etc - to have that familiarity will be great.

The individual characters will be so important. Young children so often have a favourite character in a show and the fact that they all have a distinct song and style will work so well.”

Alison Penstone, Teacher

Having had the privilege of attending a read through of AnimAlphabet The Musical, I am waiting with anticipation to see the full production on stage. From the larger than life characters, to the baddy we love to boo, to the fabulous songs, the musical has all the elements to entertain the whole family. Not only is the show entertaining, each song introduces children to the elements required to learn music.

AnimAlphabet have worked alongside us a number of times, entertaining 250 under 8s at our Baby Sensory 10 year anniversary party and running workshops at our Summer of Fun 2016 at Bluewater. All the children loved the upbeat music and fun characters, whilst the parents appreciated the new way children were being taught music.

This show is bound to be a hit not just with young children but the whole family and I am sure all of our customers will be eager to watch.

Keeley and Ian, Directors (Baby Sensory,Toddler Sense, Mini Professors)

“What an amazing show this is."

"A story that has all the great plot components that kids love and can really feel engaged and part of. Music that is catchy, fun and easy to sing along to – and that’s not all – it’s a production that educates children about music. The characters are believable, funny and because there are several of them there are distinct opportunities for children to relate to their favourite if not all of them. It boasts a script that will entertain children and adults alike and sets the way for many more AnimAlphabet adventures in the future. Theatre at its best.”

Russell Turner, Parent

"AnimAlphabet is a wonderful new children's show with brilliantly catchy music and a storyline that truly captures the imagination. Having caught a recent preview, I know it will have great appeal for children of all ages - it's witty, clever and inventive and will have your children enthralled from start to finish.”

Lisa Renals, Parent/Grand-Parent

"10 out of 10. So exciting and can't wait to see it on stage! My favourite characters were cockatoo and frog. The words in the songs made me laugh and the music made me want to dance.”

Lilly, Age 10

"AnimalAlphabet is a really upbeat, out of the box way of learning about music. Music is so often therapeutic to many children with additional needs and Animalphabet delivers it in a really fun and captivating way. I love the characters and even think they could be helpful to children who struggle to learn the traditional "phonics “ system. I am looking forward to being able to bring my young people to see this on tour :-).”

Carly Jones, British Autism Film-Maker and Author

"My 4 year old has been attending for a number of weeks now. When she first arrived she was very shy and didn't really eant to speak, but, within a week she was dancing, singing and remembering the characters from the week before. It has given her the confidence and knowledge to move forward with her letter sounds. It has been amazing to be part of this from the beginning [...] This is a great learning tool for young children.

McCracken Kam, Parent